Welcome to CW Western Training

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Western Riding & Horsemanship in Surrey UK

CW Western Training is located near Cranleigh in Surrey just outside the village of Ewhurst. 
We offer Western & English riding lessons using CW Balance Seat Equitation Friendship First Horsemanship techniques.

CW Western Training is run by Cindy Alikaj a certified BHSAI and CHA MACI Advanced English and Western instructor since 1993.

Cindy's goal
'Teaching People To Be More Horse'

CW Friendship First Horsemanship (our on the ground programme)

Horses read your every movement so we teach you how to use your body to communicate and how horses read your body language.
Use that language to ask your horse to come to you in the paddock, put a halter on with respect, lead a horse on a long rope, never be crowded by a horse, never have to push or pull a horse, Free school using body language, learn friendship first connection, groom and saddle without tying, leave the stable door open and trust your horse not to leave, let your horse take the bit voluntarily and stand still willingly when mounting.

Balance Seat Equitation (our riding programme)

In the saddle, horses feel your every movement and can work better for you through your centre balance and rhythm. Understand what your horses need from you, develop specific movements and learn how and when to use them.
The balance seat will allow you to stop without using the reins, move without using your legs, using trust not control, offer space not pressure, develop and use feel, be assertive and confident without aggression, communicate and not dominate, be a leader, harmonise your body with the horse using rhythm and centre balance.

Apply your new knowledge to any genre of equitation

Please take a look at the website and hopefully we will see you for a lesson or at one of our events soon.