About Cindy

CW Western Training was founded by Cindy Webster in 1997.
Cindy who is from Yorkshire, started working with horses in 1990 and after 3 years training qualified as a BHS AI Instructor in 1993.

Show Jumping Groom
Cindy worked as a show jumping groom for Samantha Whittaker in Yorkshire who who owned Jays Way ridden by Peter Murphy, Ronnie Easey in Australia who was in the 2000 Australian Olympic team and the late Freddie Welch in Basingstoke who owned Everest Dollar Girl and trained Nick Skelton. 

In 1993 Cindy went to Vermont America and certified as a CHA Western and English instructor and spent 3 years working at Camp Catherne Capers for the late, great horsewoman Audrey Nelson.
With Audrey’s amazing way with both humans and horses, Cindy found her love for natural Horsemanship and western riding. Then with barrel racing and team penning at Pond Hill Ranch in VT USA

Spending a year in Australia, Cindy taught western and English riding, groomed for show jumper Ronnie Easey and was a jilleroo on a cattle and sheep station.

Cindy came back to Yorkshire in 1996 and taught Western/English riding all over Yorkshire, Humberside and Derbyshire, competed in Western shows and played polo for 7 years at Toulston Polo Club.

Equine Artist 

Prior to her career with horses, Cindy went to art college studying A level art and design and combined arts. Using her love for horses with her painting, Cindy has a collection of gifts and prints available and also takes commission work of your favourite horse or photo 


In 2002 Cindy went back to the states to qualify as a CHA Master Assistant Clinician and frequently travelled to North America to assist in clinics certifying western and English instructors all over the USA.

Cindy's horses

Cee Tamulena

 In 2002, Cindy found her main western competition horse Cee Tamulena who is an American Quarter Horse from Oklahoma who was bred for Cutting. After leasing him for a week during a CHA clinic in Vermont from Harry O’Rourke at Pond Hill Ranch. Cindy fell in love with him instantly, and after a 6 month quarantine CT was shipped to the UK
It took 2 years of groundwork and trust between the pair to build a lasting friendship to transform this already talented cutting horse into a versatile western competition horse
Since 2004 CT has been winning high points and all round champion trophies in showing, speed games and cattle events ever since. His ability in all disciplines is mind blowing and shows what a remarkable horse he is.
The pair have travelled to Europe to compete in rodeos such as the French Equiblues rodeo, where they took on the barrel racers, pole benders, individual and team Penners 

Dynamite PT

Cindy's other competition horse was Dynamite PT who she'd had since 1997 and as an Argentine Criollo x tb they played polo first before competing and winning trophies in western events alongside CT until her sad passing in 2010. Fortunately her legacy lives on in her off spring Chiquita and Bruza.

Cruzin for a Bruzin

PT's son 'Cruzin for a Bruzin' who Cindy bred in 2000 is now following in his mums footsteps and competing at western and English events with Cindy.

In 2003 Cindy moved south to set a western riding centre to train and teach western and english Horsemanship to riders with her main goal for them to become more relaxed, have fun and listen to horses more.
She was very lucky to build up a brilliant string of lesson horses for her clients who taught riders from beginners to advanced. There wasn’t much her horses couldn’t teach anyone from the ground to competitions. Some of the best were her appaloosa’s Silverado, Picasso and Gracie, her ponies Tia, Rosie and Charlie, favourites like the lovely Megan, Snipper, Paloma and Cody.

Her passion for teaching good Horsemanship was increased during these years in Surrey so decided to create her training programme for both English and western riders called Friendship first Horsemanship. 
With a video training site for her students it’s a fabulous way of working with horses. 
Cindy closed the riding centre after the summmer of 2017 to move back home to Yorkshire closer to family and to spend more time with her own horses and do freelance horsemanship coaching instead 

Cindy with her two boys Bruza and CT at the CW Western Show 2016

Back in Yorkshire 

Now back in Yorkshire with her family, Cindy is carrying on with her freelance Friendship First Horsemanship coaching and artwork.