CW Western Clinics

Clinics with Cindy 

western Games Clinic pairs Ribbon Race 

Cindy has been competing for many years from her early years as an English rider in the 80's jumping, cross country, gymkhanas, Dressage, polo and polo crosse to starting competing western at various shows and rodeos all over the world since the 90's in team penning, barrel racing and on to the rodeos with up to 18 classes a weekend in cattle,speed and equitation and all classes usually on two horses. 

She has been fortunate to have been a groom and rider for some of the great horsemen and women and has build a huge amount of knowledge both from being in the showring to behind the scenes as a groom and rider 

Show Training Clinics
Cindy organises clinics for both English and western riders with their own horses wanting to start showing or improve themselves or their horse for the show ring 

Even if you're not ready for the show ring it's still a great opportunity to learn more western or English horsemanship skills and boost your confidence 
The show clinics cover a variety of classes as the shows we compete at western include western Showing, Speed and Cattle classes.
The English show clinics include Dressage, jumping and cross country
If you would like to work on specific classes, then we can focus on those classes during the clinic

Western Showing Clinics 

Practice for western Equitation classes at western shows and events
Coaching on a variety of different seats and styles that you and your horse are judged on 
Cindy has competed in all these classes since 2004 with her all horses 

In hand Halter
In hand Showmanship
In hand Ranch Horse 
Western Pleasure (novice and open)
Western Horsemanship 
Western Riding patterns 
Working Cow Horse
Working Ranch Horse 
Ranch Riding 

Western Speed Games clinics


Opportunity to come try western speed games either to have a go or practice for the shows 
lots of fun riding round the barrels and learning more on speed techniques 
Cindy can cover a wide range of speed games classes 
Speed Games is one of her favourites with her first go at barrel racing in the states in 1993 when she fell in love with the sport 
Her horses have been some of the fastest in the UK and have competed all over the uk and in France 
Barrel Racing is the most popular speed game but as Cindy loves all the western speed games, you can do up to 4 speed classes per day at a western show or rodeo, she’s well practiced and capable in all the speed classes 

Speed games classes
pick up race 
flag race 
3 barrel flag race 
pairs ribbon race 
barrel race 
pole Bending
Keyhole Race 
Prairie stump race 
team relay race 
sack roping 

Bella and Tia pick up race 
Organising your own Western Clinic


Western Riding Clinics
If you have a group of riders at a livery yard, pony club, Equestrian Centre or riding club that would like Cindy to come to venue that suits you then please get in touch Are you a bunch of English riders wanting to try western or western riders wanting to improve your skills in general or for the showring 

Barrel Racing Clinics
Barrel Racing is fun and we get a lot of interest for barrel clinics and demonstrations, we can arrange a fun day learning how to run barrels at a venue to suit you 
Suitable for any horse, English or western, clinics can be tailored to suit all riders, venues and time scale
Friendship First Horsemanship 

'Be More Horse'
Horsemanship is becoming more and more popular as the idea of a better relationship with horses seems to be a goal for the majority of equestrians whatever your discipline or breed of horse.
Cindy's Horsemanship programme is a fantastic way of learning how to understand your horse from her time she has spent with her horses from an early age to her mentors all over the world 
The time she spent in various countries, with great horsemen, women and horses every day has allowed her to set up her own horsemanship training for others 
Each horse she has worked with has taught her more than any human ever could 
She excels in her ability to communicate and gain trust with the most aggressive or untrusting of horses as she understand where this behaviour comes from and can change how the horse feels around humans as they learn to communicate with Cindy
Horses with aggressive behaviour can then become the closest of friends with people and become gentle and well mannered horses and a pleasure to be around 

These horsemanship clinics cater for horse owners who would like help understanding their horse and the relationship they have together to improve their day to day handling and riding to make for a more enjoyable and harmonious time being around your horse
For all owners whether just handling and ground work, happy hacker, jumpers,  eventers, dressage, western. 
A good healthy relationship with your horse built on trust from the ground up is what  is important so whatever riding discipline you do, the same issues will occur as the horse is set on a behaviour pattern that starts on the ground 
If these communication and body language tests aren't agreed to on the ground, it transfers and then manifests into sometimes difficult situations in riding. 

Subtle body language from the horse is their way of communicating with each other 
Cindy teaches all owners how to read the horses body language and therefore build a great relationship within a matter of minutes 
The clinics are great way to build on a great and successful future with your horse for many years 
Why not book onto a clinic or come along as a spectator

Dummy Calf Roping Clinics
A real fun day teaching everyone how to rope on horseback using dummy cows 


Booking Cindy for a Clinic
If you have a group that are interested and have a facility suitable 
You can arrange for a clinic to be organised to suit the riders and horses at prices to suit individuals and clubs