CW Western Clinics

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  CW Western Showing & Speed Games Clinics at CW Western Training 

We organise monthly show clinics for western riders with their own horses wanting to start showing or improve themselves or their horse for the show ring 
CW Western lesson riders can also book on the clinics who have completed levels 1&2 in lessons and use my horses. Even if you're not ready for the show ring it's still a great opportunity to learn more western skills
We cover a variety of classes in the clinics as our shows include Showing, Speed and Cattle classes. If you would like to work on specific classes, then we can focus on those classes during the clinic

CW Western Riding and Barrel racing Clinics 

If you have a group of riders at a livery yard, pony club, Equestrian Centre or riding club that would like Cindy to come to venue that suits you. English riders wanting to try western or western riders wanting to improve their skills for general or for show Barrel Racing is fun and we get a lot of interest for barrel clinics and demonstrations, we can arrange a fun day learning how to run barrels either just for fun or for competition 
Suitable for any horse, English or western, clinics can be tailored to suit all riders, venues and time scale

CW Friendship First Horsemanship & Balance Seat Equitation Clinics

'Be More Horse'
These clinics cater for horse owners who would like help understanding their horse and the relationship they have together to improve their day to day handling and riding to make for a more enjoyable and harmonious time being around your horse
For all owners whether just handling and ground work, happy hacker, jumpers,  eventers, dressage, western. 
A good healthy relationship with your horse built on trust from the ground up is what  is important so whatever riding discipline you do, the same issues will occur as the horse is set on a behaviour pattern that starts on the ground 
If these communication and body language tests aren't agreed to on the ground, it transfers and then manifests into sometimes difficult situations in riding. 

Subtle body language from the horse is their way of communicating with each other 
Cindy teaches all owners how to read the horses body language and therefore build a great relationship within a matter of minutes 
The clinics are great way to build on a great and successful future with your horse for many years 
Why not book onto a clinic or come along as a spectator

CW Western Clinic Horses and Riders

Dummy Calf Roping Clinics
We have a real fun day teaching everyone how to rope on our trained horses, with lots of dummy steers to chase and rope, you'll be chasing our 2 moving dummy cows in no time at all.

Booking Cindy for a Clinic
If you have a group that are interested and have a facility suitable 
Cindy organises a 2 hour clinic at £30 per rider with own horse this includes all travel and insurance costs 
A minimum of 5 riders needed but if you have an idea on the number of people that may be interested then we can always increase the length of the clinic to ensure that everybody gets individual attention
Cindy can also bring one of her horses along to help with demonstration and techniques 
Spectators fee £5
Bar S Ranch Cattle and Roping Clinics 
Cindy regularly attends the cattle and roping clinics at Bar S Ranch 
If you are a CW level 3 or 4 rider or on the CW show squad then you can hire one of the CW horses 

If you have your own horse or would like more information contact Lesley on 01474 707330 
CW Clinic dates 2017
29th western showing classes clinic
25th western Speed Games Clinic 
25th dummy calf roping clinic 
29th horsemanship clinic 
24th western showing classes clinic 
26th western speed games clinic 
28th dummy calf roping clinic
25th horsemanship clinic