English Horsemanship


Paloma was a CW lesson horse and X high goal polo pony 

Friendship First Horsemanship for English riders
Cindy loves being able to encourage great Horsemanship on the ground and in the saddle and her English horsemanship programme combines the two perfectly 
You may change the saddle and bridle but you don't need to change your attitude and respect that you have for your horse just because you ride English 

English Balance Seat Equitation
The English saddle is great for strengthening your core and the horses dynamic movements in walk, trot, canter and lateral work
when you start working in a balanced seat without grip and tightness you allow your seat and core to take over from your hands and legs 
Your hands and legs will become much softer and the relationship between you and your horse much softer 

For jumping the balance seat works from centre of gravity that Cindy trains with lots of different techniques to build a stronger relationship and position suited to the horses natural way of going when jumping.
Free flowing movement and balance when jumping combines all expectations Cindy has for horses and riders doing jumping and cross country lessons, clinics and events 

English Horsemanship Lessons 
If you are a novice or advanced rider, Cindy‚Äôs Horsemanship programme has something to suit you 
Her goal is for all English riders to have the same relationship with the horses as her western riders 
The tack may change but our attitude and respect for them doesn't !!

Dressage, jumping and Cross Country Coaching 
If you need help with your horse at shows or events and would like some advice and coaching using horsemanship and positive mindset the. please book a lesson either at your own facility or come to Cindy 

Cindy has been an instructor in England, America and Australia and taught a whole variety of horses and riders over the years. Working for some of the top UK show jumpers and Australian Olympic show jumpers who have given her extensive knowledge of English riding and competitions throughout her career