Horse Training

Friendship First Horsemanship Horse Training for your horse 

Cindy has a number of training programmes to suit all types of horses and owners using her Friendship First Horsemanship techniques 

CW Young horse starter programme 
From birth to 4 years old 
This programme is perfect for youngsters whether they have been handled or had limited handling 
Starting a young horse is a real pleasure especially when you have lots of great methods to use to build a bond and relationship with your horse
It makes them grow into well mannered and good natured horses that allows the transition into ridden work a much easier and enjoyable process 

Cindy has been using her starter training methods with young horses since 1998 and has a number of her horses she trained with her at her yard. If you would like to visit Cindy and meet some of the horses she has trained then please get in contact with her