Lesson information

Tel: 07800 857 383

CW Western, English & Horsemanship Lessons 

 Lessons for beginners to advanced riders English or Western seat

1 hour Private and group lessons  
Lessons are run on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
There are between 2 - 6 riders per group 

2 hour private or group lessons 
Ride in both 1 hour lessons in a day to get more time in the saddle and improve your muscle memory 

Mums Western Riding Club 
Tuesday's at 11am bi weekly 
Get the kids off to school and come enjoy a morning with the horses 
Caring for the horses, grooming, tacking up, 1 hour group lesson followed by tea a cakes 
£40.00 per rider 
£30.00 own horse 

Lesson times
Tuesday            11:00-12:00.      13:00-14:00.   15:00-16:00
Wednesday       11:00-12:00.      13:00-14:00.   15:00-16:00
Thursday           11:00-12:00.      13:00-14:00
Friday                11:00-12:00.      13:00-14:00
Saturday            11:00-12:00.      13:00-14:00.   15:00-16:00

Closed for lessons on Sunday's and Monday's 

You can book a one off lesson or come ride with us on a regular basis.

Lesson horses
Our horses are fully trained western and English Quarter horses, Appaloosa's and Argentinian TB's

Lesson topics 
Western and natural horsemanship lessons 
join up free schooling 
neck reining 
jogging and posting 
loping and cantering 
balance seat work 
lead changes simple and flying 
Walk/jog and lope overs 
speed games
trail obstacles 
trainers hold 
flexions/suppleness and lateral work 
school figures 
Turn backs/role backs
Collection and extension 
reining patterns 
western riding patterns
Pleasure/ horsemanship 

And much more

CW Riding programme

Our riding programme is structured with different levels from 1-4 
level 1 beginner 
level 2 novice 
level 3 intermediate
level 4 advanced 
allowing for progressive training throughout each lesson 

Horsemanship and trust 

We encourage you to come along earlier than your lesson time to groom and tack up your horse and care for your horse after the lesson
 We never ride in our school nose to tail as we want our horses to keep an individual relationship with each person and not use another horse to rely on for instruction. This allows all riders to have a full lesson of riding and not spending most of it on the track following another horse.

Free schooling and join up lessons 
We believe that the relationship between horse and human starts on the ground and the trust and respect for each other is so much easier to understand by doing join up work. 
Half hour and hour sessions available with your own horse or come learn with one of our horses. 

Our buckskin QH Cody being free schooled

Lessons with your own horse    
You can have a lesson on your own horse at the stables or at your own facility
within a 30mile radius of Ewhurst
Cindy can train you and your horse Western and English equitation, ground work and problem horses.
Horses for western training can be pre-western trained and need work or have never done western and you would like them to be trained in the western seat.
All breeds trained not just American Breeds.
Use our western tack if you don't have your own but would like to try it first.
Morning yard visits at 9:30am available Tuesday to Friday and normal lesson times can be booked also throughout the week 
go to prices page for costs 

Pre Ranch Holiday Training 
If you are planning a ranch holiday and would like the chance to ride on a Western trained horses before you go, then book some lessons and a few trail rides to get well prepared for your adventure. We have information on various Ranch Holidays all over the world which have been recommended by riders that have ridden with us over the years.

Archery on Horseback


We have started training some of the horses to archery this year, so far Paloma has taken to it like she has done it all her life, adding yet another string to her bow ;p