Lesson information

Tel: 07800 857 383

CW Western, English & Horsemanship Lessons 

Cindy is available for training midweek and Saturday's 
You can bring your horse to our facility near Cranleigh or Cindy can travel to you within a 30 mile radius of Ewhurst Surrey 

Mums Western Riding Club 
Tuesday's at 11am bi weekly 
Get the kids off to school and come enjoy a morning with your horse and other mums 
Gets you out and about with your fur baby while also gaining progress in your horsemanship and riding skills
1 hour group lesson followed by tea and cake
£30.00 per session 

Whatever your goals are with your horse, our training programme is a great way to make getting to that goal an enjoyable journey. Cindy trains for leisure riding to competition level 

Training offered 
Western, English and natural horsemanship
join up free schooling 
neck reining 
jogging and posting 
loping and cantering 
balance seat work 
lead changes simple and flying 
Walk/jog and lope overs 
trotting poles and grid work 
cross country 
speed games
trail obstacles 
trainers hold 
flexions/suppleness and lateral work 
school figures 
Turn backs/role backs
Collection and extension 
reining patterns 
western riding patterns
Pleasure/ horsemanship 

And much more

CW Riding programme

Our riding programme is structured with different levels from 1-4 
level 1 beginner 
level 2 novice 
level 3 intermediate
level 4 advanced 
allowing for progressive training throughout


Free schooling and join up lessons 
We believe that the relationship between horse and human starts on the ground and the trust and respect for each other is so much easier to understand by doing join up work. 
Half hour and hour sessions available for you and your horse

Converting you and your horse to western Riding and horsemanship

If you ride English but would like to start riding western then please get in touch as you will love the transition to western as we adapt and adjust all our techniques to suit all types of horses and riders.
Cindy has converted and vast number of English horses and riders over the years
Any breed and any age

Training a pre-trained western horse
Some western horses that have competed at a high level and are now ready to change to a leisure horse or find a new style of western from our training programme we can help give fresh new training and riding techniques

All breeds trained not just American Breeds.
if you don't have your own but would like to try it first then Cindy can bring along some western tack for any training sessions. 


So many people contact us on how to learn rope
We have a variety of ropes from head to healers, kids and lightweight.
Tuition starts with dry roping off the horse to get the idea and familiarise you with the loop and coils.
Once you are roping objects from the ground, you will then progress to riding with the rope 
It's easy to desensitise your horse to the ropes and our training covers all the ways to build confidence with roping

Dry rope lesson (no horse) 
1/2 hour £20.00
1 hour   £30.00
We get lots of actors and film crews wanting to learn how to rope for TV shows and have done roping lessons for many shows over the years. 
Whatever the reason you want to learn it's a great skill to have and lots of fun 

Ridden rope lessons 

You can also arrange cattle roping lessons at Bar S Ranch using breakaways

Archery on Horseback


Add onother string to your bow and have some archery lessons too!!