Western Shows and Rodeos

Western shows

CIndy had been regularly running shows throughout the years since 2004
With around 4-6 classes in a day which included showing and games classes 
The shows were set up for her regular lesson riders to have some fun without a scary show environment !!
Cindy invited friends from Bar S Ranch and other western riders to come along and have some friendly competition throughout the day 

Pole bending 
Cindy’s riders continued to improve and achieve remarkable horsemanship skills in their lessons so these these riders and horses competed in Western events.

Cindy’s lesson horses were seasoned show horses and had been competing with her riders for years. They had built a great relationship with her riders over the years and really enjoyed getting out to the shows 

Madi Smith and Paloma at Hickstead 2011

Her riders competed in showing classes which included Pleasure, Horsemanship, Western Riding, Reining and Trail.
Western speed games including Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Keyhole, pick up race, flag race, ribbon race and Team Relay.
We also competed in Cattle classes at rodeos and ranch horse events including Working cow Horse, Pairs Sorting, Team Penning, individual Penning, Team Herding, Cutting and Roping
Such versatile horses and riders who could compete in up to 18 classes in one weekend 

Western Trail class 

Western shows and rodeos
Cindy still competes on her own horses at western shows and rodeos throughout the UK and Europe.
For all the show dates in the UK that Cindy will be attending then keep an eye out for the dates below 
2018 show dates will be posted at the end of 2017 

Show dates from 2017
15-16th Hemborough farm show (Devon) (cattle classes)
14th Bar S ranch horse show (Kent) (Cattle classes)
21st CW western show (Surrey) (Speed games and showing classes)
27-28th hemborough farm show (Cattle Classes)
3-4th bar S rodeo (Speed games, Showing and Cattle Classes)
18th Brandon show (Suffolk) (Speed Games and Showing Classes)
2nd Bar S Charity show (Speed Games, Showing and Cattle Classes)
23rd CW Western show (Speed Games and Showing Classes)
29-30th Hemborough farm show (Cattle Classes)

6th CW dressage competition 
20th Brandon show (Speed Games and Showing Classes)
3rd bar S ranch horse show (Cattle Classes)
10th CW jumping clear round & chase-me-charlie 

CIndy and CT running the Keyhole Race at the Lazy G Rodeo 2010