Western Horsemanship

Why ride western?

There are many types of riding styles, but in North America and many other places, western is most common as the western riding style was developed according to the needs of cowboys who worked cattle from horseback. Thus making western comfortable for long hours of riding as the saddles are more like a comfy sofa than a bar stool
As the horses are also trained to carry out the work without the riders interference it is a much more relaxing way of riding too. 

The Western Saddle 
The western saddle is made to distribute weight more evenly over the horse's back so horse and rider can counterbalance the weight of a roped cow.
The seat of a western saddle is comfortable for long hours of riding over rough terrain, which is great for learning to ride as gives a deeper safer seat to ride in.

The saddle horn anchors a lariat when roping cattle and is great for beginners to hold onto until they get their own balance.

As the traditional design of the western saddle is still designed for ranch work, it also has been modernised to suit the pleasure and show riders also. 
The saddles Cindy uses are the Continental Montana western pleasure/trail saddles that gives a very versatile way of riding to allow the horses to do all the various activities she does with them.